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Our eighth GOLD Professional Profile is on Antwan Harris – TV anchor and CMTA grad. Read more below and consider submitting your own GOLD Professional Profile.

Name: Antwan Harris

Grad Year: 2003

Your fun EMU fact: I helped charter the Lambda Chapter of Pi Psi Fraternity, Inc. on EMU’s Campus

E-mail: antwan.harris@gmail.com / aharris@wrcbtv.com

Twitter: twitter.com/antwanharris

Facebook: Antwan Harris

Tell us about yourself and your career. What is your greatest achievement so far?

I currently work for WRCB-TV 3 in Chattanooga, TN (NBC Affiliate) as an Anchor/Reporter. I’ve been involved in the media industry since I graduating in 2003. I’ve had the opportunity of reporting on numerous stories of just about anything you can think of! I’ve always had an interest in the news and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several celebrities, traveling to different cities, even meeting the President of the United States. There is nothing more rewarding than doing a stoty that affects the lives of my peers and perfect strangers. I feel as if this industry is one of the few that bring us together as a people, because news is all around us and there is always a story to tell.

My greatest accomplishment thus far has been the constant progression in my field and the many opportunities that are to follow. Stay tuned!

Share three career-related lessons you have learned after graduation from EMU.

I learned that networking is a must. Always have information about what you do in life and what your hope to achieve handy. From working in media, I’ve learned word of mouth is somthing that travels fast. You want to make sure you’re always on top of it and the one everyone is talking about.

Another thing I’ve learned is learning to fail. Failure is a part of life and every process. You can avoid it with planning and proper execution, but sometimes, things don’t always go right. Be prepared for failure and always have a plan to jump back. Sometimes you have to in order to win. Trust me, I’ve had several, but it’s only made me stronger.

Lastly, always keep learning. There is a Biblical verse that says “My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.” You will never know unless you ask or find the knowledge yourself. Try to educate yourself on a wide variety of topics so you can have more insight on the things that matter most to you. You never know how far knowing a little about a lot will take you.

What challenges are you facing professionally? What support would be helpful?

The biggest challenge I face is getting adjusted to a new area. After signing on with a new station in a new city, you have to learn what is important in that area. What is a big story in New York is not always the best fit for Charlotte. Getting involved in the community is always a good way to find out what people are talking about and it helps you get adjusted much faster to where you live. Also as I move around, I’m sometimes further from family than I’d like to be. Thank God for Skype and cell phones!

How has your EMU degree influenced your career decisions?

The Communications program at Eastern Michigan University is by far one of the best I’ve been involved with. We touched on so many different areas during my classes so it allowed me to see so many different areas I could go into. My instructors helped me in my decisions because they all had some experience in their fields and were very good educators. Their passion to teach helped me believe while learning. Many of the media classes are hands-on and they helped greatly in picking a career choice. Any job that is fun, is worth doing a lifetime.

GOLD Professional Profiles offer graduates an opportunity to share a bit about themselves with our alumni community (the post is shared in the LinkedIn Alumni Association group), offer career advice and provide feedback to us about what form of career programming would be helpful. It’s quite simple… fill out the information above, answer the four questions and provide a picture to Dan Mathis at dmathis@emich.edu.

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Written by: Daniel Mathis (GOLD Guy in the Office for Alumni Relations)

Greetings alumni and friends! We are in a bit of lull in blogging and story-sharing in this month of July. We have been busy planning for fall, searching for a new Executive Director and finishing our official duties related to end of the fiscal year. We are gearing up – with the help of Chris, our fantastic web/new media student assistant – to do even more with social media. It is our hope that we can enhance its ability to connect alumni, create dialogue and add value to our alumni initiatives.

Chris is leading our charge on Facebook and we encourage you to connect on both pages,  Eastern Michigan University Alumni and EMU Graduates of the Last Decade. He needs your help with an upcoming video project and it’s as simple  as sharing your favorite memories. On our discussion boards on Facebook, we want to hear your advice for current students – What are the key things EMU students must do before graduation?

As always, thanks for your help! If you would like to share your story or serve as a “social media volunteer,” shoot me an e-mail – dmathis@emich.edu – to learn more.


Dan Mathis

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