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Check out Randy Silver! He’s a 2009 graduate, who was kind enough to share his professional story and life lessons. He’ one smart cookie!

Tell me a little about your history at EMU- degree, graduating class, any groups/associations? 

I received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Aid Design Engineering/ Product Design & Development and Manufacturing Processes from Eastern Michigan University in 2009.

 Did any professors that make a difference in your career path?

Yes, all my professors helped steer me in the direction I wanted to go, giving me support when I needed it, and answering all questions I’ve had.

What is your current position?

Currently, I am a Global Underbody Design Release Engineer in Advanced Vehicle Development.

 Please share a summary of your position?

Do to the nature of my job, I cannot go into great detail. But I design and release underbody components and assemblies on a global scale for next generation cars. I do linear and dynamic problem solving, and assist in the creation of car chassis/framework. This can involve working with other teams outside my areas including: computer aid design, upper body teams, electrical, and powertrain.

What are some proud accomplishments?

At my current job I have stream lined partlists and BOM creations, allowing for easier access and understanding of the parts as they pertain to the chassis/framework. At my previous job, I assisted and/or created several parts that have now received patents.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself being either a team leader or a supervisor for a major car or truck platform.

Tell me an interesting story about your career, plans/goals?

After I worked for GM on my senior project, which was a research and development program, my main goal was to work for them after I graduated. Unfortunately, when I graduated the job market was not great, but my first job ended up being a tier 1 to Chrysler and the military, where I made up for unexpected inventory shortage. So I look at that experience as a stepping stone to something greater. Your first job is never your dream job, so once I felt I had enough experience, I started looking for other work. And luckily, that job ended up finding me and it was the place I really hoped to work–General Motors.  So I feel very lucky that I ended up where I wanted to be.  Now that I am where I hoped to be, I hope there is nowhere but up, and I want to climb the ladder to something even greater.

Share three career –related lessons you’ve learned at EMU:

One major lesson I learned at EMU, was always turn in your work, and make sure it’s done to the best to your ability. If something needs to be changed you can always go back. I also learned if you need help with anything never hesitate to ask, because if something is not done correctly, it will end up being more of a problem later down the road.

Any current challenges you’re currently facing?

Currently, I am not facing any challenges, which that may change as my program is reviewed.

How have you adjusted from college life to the professional world?

Adjusting from college life was a little tricky, but I lived at home for a bit until I could get my feet set on the ground. I had to learn a lot of lessons on how to manage money, and how to follow up with people for possible job leads. More or less, I had to learn how to be a functional adult in society, which can actually be harder than most people think. I think the biggest thing I noticed was no more homework. But in real life, if you don’t turn in your work, you may not have a job the following day!  So that was definitely an adjustment and something I learned very quickly. It has been two and a half years since graduation, and I think I came out okay, and realized that hard work can pay off.


Taylor Maguire


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Please read the wonderful advice and inspirational words below that EMU graduate, Celia Nip shared with the EMU YOUNG ALUMNI BLOG. Celia just recently graduated in April of 2012, with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing/Business Marketing. She is one of the hardest working young women I have ever known, along with maturity and experience well beyond her years.

Tell me a little about your history at EMU- degree, graduating class, groups/associations?

I decided to transfer to EMU to finish my degree and to attend EMU’s business school. I was previously at Wayne State University, where I was working on a double major in Broadcasting and Communications when I realized, if I didn’t land my perfect job right out of college, I may wind up a statistic that doesn’t transition smoothly from college student to professional.  I was very focused on getting a Bachelor’s in Business, and discovered that I had a passion for Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, which was perfect because they were all a very big part of my everyday life. 

As far as groups and or associations, I was not able to balance anything more than being a full time college student and my full time job. However, my full time job provided me with experience and networking opportunities with Michigan Professionals in multiple industries and their sectors. I am proud to say, I was able to accomplish 1st place at EMU’s Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition, which I was honored by Northwestern Directors and EMU’s Honors Banquet in achievements for Business Sales. 

Did any professors make a difference in your career path?

Yes, there is one professor at Eastern Michigan University that I would love to honor since I have the opportunity, thanks to EMU Alumni Services conducting this interview.I want to take a moment and talk about Professor Greg Corliss, professor of contemporary selling. He was truly an inspiration for me in my professional career.  There was a certain ring to his education style.  He was able to mix personal experiences and resourceful education, which allowed students to connect both styles, and really stay focused to learn.  He believes in his students, acknowledges his students, educates his students and showed me that the sky is the limit.  His belief in my abilities to succeed has really shaped my path into the professional world, and I am so blessed to have an opportunity to acknowledge his career and his tremendous affect on my life.

 What is your current position?

Social Media Community Manager at Moncur Associates in Troy, Michigan

Please share a summary of your position?

A social media community manager has a solid understanding of how content works on social networks that is based on methodologies used and practices that are implemented.  There is a mixture of Branding, Advertising, Communications, Digital Marketing and Public Relations.  Social Media Community Manager focuses on media trends, tools and the best practices for businesses.

What are some proud accomplishments?

My biggest accomplishment is having a positive lifestyle.  I learned from a very young age that in order to maximize your happiness, you must take risks.  I have challenged myself in many different ways both personally and professionally. One major personal accomplishment is singing for a great organization, Uneek Music, which really brings positivity to Detroit through giving back to children’s education.  On a professional level, I am very proud that I was able to be honored for a couple awards at Eastern Michigan University, and become Google Analytics Certified through the Search Marketing Program at EMU.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to continue to challenging myself every step of the way, professionally and personally.  I have an entire notebook to fill with what will happen in 10 years. I can say that I have blank pages for a reason and cannot wait to fill them.

Tell me an interesting story about your career, plans/goals?

What is interesting about my career is the type of industries and people I have been blessed to work with.  I have the most positive and amazing work environment, which is 70 percent of why I am able to be so positive and happy 40 hours a week.  I also have a great client base that I work with everyday! Not many people are able to contribute to branding one of the top companies in the world and have the opportunity to brand several successful national companies as well.  It’s exciting to go into work and find out you will be branding for the NFL or NBA one day and food industry the next day! The job is always busy and you must educate yourself on so many industries. I have become a sponge for information and I want continue to absorb more and more!

Share three career–related lessons you’ve learned at EMU?

At EMU, you learn how to become a professional and the foundation of your industry. But you master your industry when you are able to use that knowledge to gain successful relationships. Also, you must know your audience; you must understand your audience and you must emotionally connect with your audience in order to create a successful brand. And last, but not least, just when you think it is done “correct”, “correct” changes

 Any challenges you’re currently facing?

One challenge for a young professional is separating yourself from your peers.  In order to obtain a very successful position, you have to be able to go above and beyond and understand what it is you’re exactly doing.  You must find your “inner ninja” believe, trust, and challenge yourself constantly in order to get where you want to be.

 How have you adjusted from college life to the professional world?

Transitioning into the professional world of business is exciting. As long as you keep up with the world around you, stay with the times as technology advances and learn more than just your industry.  However, if you fall short you have to ask yourself, “Is there more I can be doing?”  Success is created, not found.


Taylor Maguire

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Hello everyone!

My name is Taylor Maguire and I am a senior here at EMU and will help update the Young Alumni blogs that I am sure you all enjoy reading. I am studying public relations and psychology and enjoying writing, interviewing, event planning, and now learning about the success of former EMU graduates.  I was welcomed to the Alumni Relations team with open arms in April of 2012, and I’m looking forward to conducting more interviews and learning about our EMU graduates. I find it inspiring and motivational.  I can only hope that one day I will make a great success story myself and inspire other EMU students.

I will be assisting Dan Mathis, the Executive Director of Alumni Relations (Interim) by managing all Alumni Chapters here at EMU. I hope to witness the relationships that are formed from these chapters and create new ones as well. I am a transfer student from Washtenaw Community College. I attended from the years 2007 to 2010, where I received an associate degree in photographic technology and finished my general education classes.

As much as I enjoyed attending WCC, I did not have the traditional college experience compared to many of our alums, and I hope that assisting with the chapter events, I can share and make similar connections. This fall I will be in charge of the promotional work for the EMU homecoming committee, which I am genuinely looking forward to doing, especially thinking of creative ways to inform our Eagles about one of the biggest and anticipated events of school year.

I believe having a goal when working on new opportunities is the key to success. My goal during my time here is to expand the public relations alumni chapter. The current public relations students are involved and motivated people, and I would love to see the public relations graduates contribute more to their chapter.

I am the vice president of events and coordination for the PRSSA organization at EMU, and know many recent PR graduates and plan to collaborate current PR students and PR alums to help the chapter grow and become more involved.

So if you feel you would be an interesting story and would love to share your success with current EMU students, feel free to message below or at: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top

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