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In case you did not know, EMU Young Alumni Blog also has a special place with the newly loved social media site, Pinterest. This form of social media is extremely helpful and fun! By following Eastern Michigan University Alumni on Pinterest you can re-pin several images/ideas that will be fun for you, and you can start your own EMU pride board or even feel free to send in images that would like to see represented on our boards, at tmaguire@emich.edu or lmcclees@emich.edu

This is a fun way to interact with fellow EMU alums, share fun photos, ideas, and memories. Who doesn’t love to see people wearing EMU gear around the Nation?  Or enjoy the history of EMU, with the Huron Pride board? Our Pinterest site will continue to grow and share more ideas and memories daily.

As for the Alumni Chapter Presidents out there, feel free to promote events with the Pinterest account. Yes, we have board for that! Create events and promote your chapter through Pinterest. For example, send us fliers, information about your chapter, and photos. We can link them all to your own website or Facebook page.  You can never promote too much.  It’s great marketing strategy that will not be overlooked much longer.

Be ahead of the game, and start sharing your information through our Pinterest page. http://pinterest.com/EMUAlumni/


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 Greetings EMU Young Alumni!

As many of you know, we launched the New Young Alumni Blog in May 2012. We are enhancing the blog even more! Now, we have a Pinterest account that users can follow and share photos. On the account we have seven category boards! To check out the Pinterest account go to http://pinterest.com/EMUAlumni/

 If you want to send in any photos or have any questions, contact Taylor Maguire at tmaguire@emich.edu or Lisa McClees at lmcclees@emich.edu

 The Seven Boards on Pinterest:

1.       Huron Pride

  • This can be any photo that revolves around EMU’s past mascot,  the Huron!

 2.     Eagles Around the Nation

  • Share photos of you wearing your EMU gear anyplace around the  nation.
  • Are you rocking your EMU tee shirt at the Grand Canyon? If so, share it with us.

 3.     Photos of the Week

4.     Wearing your EMU Gear

  • Are you a proud Eagle? If so, send in a photo of you wearing any EMU gear and represent your favorite college.

 5.     EMU Pride

  •  This board will have anything that reminds you of EMU.
  • Cool photos of the water tower, favorite restaurants, Eagles, Logos, whatever you would like!


  • These can be photos of anyone who has graduated in the last 10 years
  • Photos from events and information about the Young Alumni Council

7.     Events

  • Last but not least, we will have a board that provides information about upcoming events
  • This will share fliers, information about the upcoming events, and if you click on the photo, it will direct you to the Events page, and where you can order tickets!

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Pure Michigan’s George Zimmermann, vice president of Travel Michigan, will share the story behind one of the world’s most successful tourism campaigns of all time at Eastern Michigan University in EMU’s Student Center Ballroom at 11 a.m. Monday, July 9. The one-hour event is free and open to the public!

See the official flier: Pure Michigan: Learn the Story Behind the Award-Winning Campaign

All alumni are welcome!

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Check out Tom Warren’s interview. Tom’s a 2008 graduate who’s been extremly involved in the Ypsilanti and EMU community.

Tell me a little about your history at EMU- degree, graduating class, groups/associations?

  • I came to Eastern Michigan University in the fall of 2004 to pursue a degree in Education. After four years and three changes to my major, I graduated with a B.S. in Urban and Regional Planning Winter of 2008. Far from my original plan to be an educator.
  • While at Eastern, I jumped head first into Student life, I joined several organizations and became an active member within the EMU and the Ypsilanti community. My greatest decision was becoming a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. I served as Interim President of the Inter- Fraternity Council and was a member of EMU’s Student Leader Group.
  • I also served as IFC Vice President and was a member of the 2007 Homecoming Court. My last 2 years I was a member of Eastern Michigan’s Urban and Regional Planning Club – P.L.A.C.E (Planning Awareness Club of Eastern) I also prided myself on being an Intramural Sports Junky

Please share a summary of your position?

Currently, I am a Corporate IT Consultant with General Electric at our Advanced Manufacturing Software Technology Center (AMSTC) in Van Buren Twp MI. I recruit high level IT individuals for the following GE business units, including Aviation, Energy, Intelligent Platforms and Finance. I get to interact with a diverse group of professionals on a daily basis. We are always looking for the next generation of innovators to bring into the company.

 What are some proud accomplishments?

While at EMU I met hundreds of students that if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been successful in some of the projects I undertook. I helped organize several philanthropies and did volunteer work in the area including, scrabble clubs at local elementary schools, raising money for several organizations, including Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit and The American Lung Association. I also gathered a team of volunteers to help make garden planters for a summer after school program at Estabrook Elementary in Ypsilanti. These projects led me to receiving a Distinguished Service award by an individual from EMU Greek Life, and a Strengthening Community Award from Delta Tau Delta National Fraternity; I was very humbled by these awards. I enjoy helping people continue to do so through various volunteer efforts.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

The last time I was asked this question, it was by a recruiter right after college. I told them, I wish I knew where I would be in 10 years because I would let you know if we needed to continue this phone interview. I was a nice ice breaker, but I don’t think the recruiter liked it very much. In all honesty, I always have trouble answering this question. I would like to be at a point where I’ve climbed up the corporate ladder a substantial amount and ideally be still living in the Metro Detroit area. I’m a large supporter of people staying in Michigan instead of fleeing for other states, I enjoy Michigan’s seasons!

 Tell me an interesting story about your career, plans/goals?

My career has taken me on an interesting path thus far. No matter how much you plan for on what you’re going to do when you get out of college, you can never be so sure exactly where you’ll end up. If you told me five years ago I would be consulting with GE, and would have had two professional jobs before that– well, I would have laughed pretty hard at you.

I’ve gone from a Career Specialist at Michigan Works, to an IT Technical Recruiter that is in charge of recruiting for GE business units that span North America. I never expected to be a part of the corporate world when I graduated, just due to my major. I figured I would be somewhere within a city entity working in the City Planning department. That’s interesting story in itself for me.

Share three career–related lessons you’ve learned at EMU?

I was told in many different ways to never just talk about it, but be about it. Meaning anyone can talk about how they’re going to do something.  Following through with your plan and executing it till completion is what makes you a successful person.

Taylor Maguire

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The Young Alumni Council executive board (L to R): Stacy Morris, Laura Schulz, Matt Mortier, Amanda Skowronek, Amanda Karel and Amanda Runyon.

Young alumni. What does that even mean? If I am 30, can I be a “young alumni”? What if I’m 45 but just graduated? The great thing is you get to decide if you are a “young alumni”. For me, I am nothing but a young alumni. I am not donating thousands of dollars to the University every year, attending fancy dinners or getting caught up in the Huron vs. Eagle drama. But what I am doing is coming back to a campus full of memories, from playing volleyball in University Park to sitting on the roof of my Normal Street house. I just graduated and I am not ready to leave all of that behind. So, I want to come back every chance I get to cheer on the Eagles, and spend time with people who are as passionate about EMU as I am.

Luckily, I now have the opportunities even more often with the new Young Alumni Council. It has taken us a while to come up with our mission and vision, but now that it is in place. I know our group is going to great things! So what do we do? We work to provide opportunities for young alumni to stay connected to the university through what we know best– social, networking, community, and sporting events. We are currently a small group and are looking for others to join. Attached is our application and guidelines. Feel free to email me if you are interested and have any questions. lschulz@emich.edu

The link to the Young Alumni Council–YAC_Application_&_Guidelines[1]

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Hey everyone, check out the love story of Eastern Michigan University’s newlyweds, Neil and Becky. They share their first date and their romantic EMU proposal with the Alumni Office.


Have you met the love of your life at EMU? Or do you want to share a romantic story with EMU Love Stories?

If so, email emulovestories@gmail.com  We prefer both partners to be EMU Alumni.

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Meet Dane Jackson! Dane provided a genuine response to all our questions, which was great! He’s a nice guy with some real life examples for our readers.

Tell me a little about your history at EMU- degree, graduating class, groups/associations?

This year actually marks my ten year anniversary of graduating from EMU. I majored in Literature, Language, and Writing with a minor in Theatre Arts. During my college career, I was part of The Eastern Echo staff and even worked backstage for a couple of the Theatre Department’s productions including Gypsy and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Please share a summary of your position?

I’m currently in the digital marketing and social media marketing field. I help market independent retail establishments using social media, which in turn helps increase exposure of their brands. On the side, I’m also a freelance journalist and blogger focusing primarily on the entertainment industry. I’m always on the lookout for new writing opportunities as well.

Did any professors at EMU make a difference in your career path?

I had plenty of professors I admired, looked up to, and considered mentors, but none of them really made a difference in my career path. In fact, I’ve recently made a career change.

What are some proud accomplishments?

I worked for the Borders Corporate Office for seven years. In that time, I worked in several merchandising, marketing, and buying roles. I got to meet lots of great people at Borders, and while I’m sad the company is no longer around, I’ll always be proud to call myself a Borders alum.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ideally, I’d love to be a best-selling author, but with the way the book industry is going, I’m not sure how realistic that is. Most likely, I’ll still be involved with social media marketing. It’s really become my professional passion. Outside of work, in ten years, my daughter will be 12 and I’m sure she’ll be turning the rest of my hair grey as she moves toward her teenage years. Who knows, she may also have a little brother or sister to boss around too. I’ll also be celebrating my 15 year wedding anniversary and 25 year anniversary as a couple with my wife.

Tell me an interesting story about your career, plans/goals?

One of the most interesting stories about my career thus far surrounds my time at Borders. Because of the nature of the business, I was able to meet lots of amazing people including They Might Be Giants, Billy Corgan, David Lynch, Chuck Palahniuk, and Dog the Bounty Hunter (among others). Tori Spelling even sent me a letter in the mail one time. Meeting all of these people is something I’ll never forget.

Share three career–related lessons you’ve learned at EMU?

1) Always double and check yourself and keep records of everything as it pertains to your education or career – I almost had to pay for another semester just to take a 1 credit lab. Thankfully, I didn’t need it though because of the records I kept showing it wasn’t required when I started.

2) You’re responsible for your future – Make sure you mix a bit of fun into your college experience, but make sure that it’s not too much. If you have too much fun, it may affect your ability to land the job you really want.

3) Use your electives to explore areas you may have never considered before, you may just find something you’re interested in.

Any challenges you’re currently facing?

I think we’re all in the same boat these days in terms of career challenges these days. I didn’t expect to be out of a job last year, but I was able to find new employment. The economy hasn’t quite recovered completely yet, so there’s competition for the available jobs. Hang in there and don’t get discouraged.

Taylor Maguire

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