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June, 2013

by Paul Martell 

Danny is the Head Baseball Coach for Bowling Green State University’s highly successful men’s team and combines lessons learned in the past with modern technique for the winning formula



Danny Schmitz has been the Head Coach at BGSU for 23 years

“I like to play a little golf these days,” says Danny Schmitz. As time goes on, Danny likes to focus more and more on his wife, kids, and two dogs. However, his day job, as Head Coach of the Bowling Green Falcons baseball team, keeps him quite busy. Luckily for Danny, he is doing what he loves and is quite good at it. Under his guidance, the Falcons have won five regular-season conference championships, earned six MAC titles and much more. How does the most successful coach in Bowling Green history do it? Danny attributes his accomplishments to his excellent staff, family and experience. Eastern Michigan University was a large part of that experience, and he is a proud Alumnus of EMU to this day.

Danny was a talented and passionate baseball player from an early age. By the time he was in high school, he was being considered by a number of universities. EMU, Western, and Central were all in communication with him regarding their baseball programs.

“The bottom line is when I met the coaches from EMU, I knew without doubt it was the place for me,” says Danny.

Danny Schmitz quickly made a name for himself in EMU athletics. He played from 1974-1977, during this time EMU won two MAC titles, and was ranked third in the final Collegiate Baseball poll. He says, “I tell you those are four years I will take to the grave with me… I met some very special friends. I can’t say everyday was a rose garden, but it was great to have outstanding coaches and teammates.” Danny was also gathering coaching philosophy that he would later integrate into the way he develops his players at BGSU.

After 1977, he was drafted by the New York Yankees, and began the next phase of his baseball career. He played there for six years. Danny’s career would continue to evolve and change, always centering on baseball. The game took him to Korea and Taiwan. He would even play for the Mets and the Twins, and earn a World Series Ring. Eventually, the Hazel Park, MI native would return home to EMU as a coach. From 1987-1990, Danny helped the EMU baseball program grow.

One day, a position with Bowling Green State University opened up, and Danny decided to make the move. “Coach Oestrike made a call for me and got my foot in the door. Here we are 23 years later… It has been a wonderful experience.” says Danny.

Danny’s wide range of experiences and long history with baseball have made him the valuable coach he is today. The knowledge and skill he has certainly did not all come from one position, or one time in his life. However, EMU still holds a special place in his mind. Danny says, “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Eastern Michigan. I use a lot of the experiences from EMU and I incorporate it all into my team. I am so thankful to EMU and Roger Coryell for making me a part of his staff.”

The future looks bright for Danny and the Bowling Green Falcons, their success is projected to continue. A life in the game, a wide set of experience, and a staff for which he is deeply grateful allows Danny to still have passion and some to spare for baseball.Image

” I love teaching these kids about the game, and more importantly, about the game of life.”

by Paul Martell


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