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Taylor Maguire

May, 2013

By Paul Martell


“Promote yourself.” That’s what Taylor Maguire says; and the confidence with which she endorses her abilities led the perfect job to her, not the other way around. 


Taylor now works as a Communication & Photo Specialist for MiRealSource

Taylor Maguire has two degrees, in two of her passions. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Eastern Michigan University, as well as a degree in photographic technology from Washtenaw Community College. Taylor is also working hard in a fantastic job which utilizes both her specialties, and seems to have come to her. How does she do it?

Too often, students find themselves attempting to match what they like to do with an incompatible, profitable career choice. However, Taylor shows us the key to success is to make your career choice compatible with what is most enjoyable.

Taylor came to Eastern Michigan University in 2011. She was filled with ambition, but was unsure about which path to take. “I was in a limbo state, I honestly considered marketing, public relations, and occupational therapy,” she said. At the same time, she came to EMU a junior, and felt, “I never got the typical freshman experience.” However, things were going to come together very nicely for Taylor. A conversation with a friend led her to try an introductory class in what would become her profession. “I was telling my friend I see myself working events, writing, and dealing with the press,” said Taylor. Hearing this, Taylor’s friend encouraged her to take JRNL 312: Intro to PR with Professor Regina “Gina” Luttrell. That was all Taylor needed.

Taylor quickly declared public relations as her major, took a full load of classes, joined the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and finally ran and was elected Vice President of Special Events and Coordination within the student organization.  Taylor had become close with Professor Gina, and joined PRSSA based on both her and good friend Marietta Ford’s (’11 grad) recommendation to do so.

“I made a lot of friends in PRSSA, and bonded with Gina more because of it. She was a good mentor to me… I loved how blunt she was. She would push me to want to be better.”

Taylor was getting better. With each new challenge she took on, she became a more experienced public relations specialist. Taylor had her classes mapped out, a respectable role in a student-professional organization, and now all she needed was an internship.

Taylor had a few interviews with PR internships in surrounding communities, and was considering them all when she received an email promoting a possible internship opportunity in EMU’s Office for Alumni Relations. Interim Executive Director of Alumni Relations Daniel Mathis was looking for a PR Intern to help promote alumni chapters, and help with events. Taylor sent in her resume, and shortly after interviewed and was hired.

“Dan and I really hit it off. After meeting Dan I was really motivated to get this internship because of how professional and friendly he was,” said Taylor.


Taylor, third from left (snuggling Santa) with the Alumni Office Staff

By Taylor’s senior semester, life became overwhelming. Taylor says, “I was working as VP of Events, I was interning, I was in JRNL 408 (the capstone for the PR program), going to job interviews, working on my portfolio, and trying to find a place to live by December. I thought: if I can do this, I can do anything.”

Then Taylor received an email which seemed “too good to be true.” The CEO of MiRealSource was looking to hire someone very specific. MiRealSource is “Michigan’s largest real estate multi-list source and provider of real estate resources, tools, and training for real estate professionals,” and the organization was in need of a person skilled in both public relations and photography. He had contacted local PRSSA chapters and thus, discovered Taylor. He offered her a position, and Taylor spoke it over with Gina. She accepted.

Today, Taylor works for MiRealSource as a Communication and Photo specialist. She uses her extensive training and experience in Public Relations work to run social media, internal and external communication. She also uses her photography skills in teaching “Photos with Taylor”, a class in which she instructs real estate agents on how to properly shoot home/landscape pictures for listings.

She also runs her very own photography business: Taylor Leigh Photography!

Taylor looks back on her time at EMU with pride. “I really learned how to juggle a lot of different projects. I recommend that you get as involved as you can… Put yourself out there; make sure your personality shines through. Promote yourself the best you can.” Taylor came to EMU as one student who was willing to try new things. Because of this mentality, she was able to accrue a set of experiences which she may have never gotten otherwise.

Taylor says, “What I do now is what I like to do.” With hard work and an open mind, the success Taylor has is attainable for all graduates.

All of us in the Office for Alumni Relations are extremely proud of what Taylor has accomplished, and look forward to seeing what her future successes look like!

Want to keep up with Taylor, or check out her work?

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Paul Martell

the intern Taylor chose as her replacement.


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