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Today is my final day working in Eastern Michigan University’s Office for Alumni Relations. It truly is hard to believe that six months have passed since I started here, and I am now among 150,000 others who call EMU their alma mater. However, I have graduated and am moving on to the next stage of my life. This next step includes starting off my professional career, and getting married to my best friend next week!

As excited as I am for all the new experiences I am about to have, I am also exiting one of the most exciting periods of my life. Eastern Michigan University has provided me with skills I will draw from always, and a large part of that learning was done while I worked in the Office for Alumni Relations. Please bear with me as I thank some very cool people.

Dan Mathis, the former Interim Executive Director for Alumni Relations, was the first person I met here, and I knew immediately I wanted to work for him. Thank you sir for helping me learn to be comfortable with my work. I could not have asked for a better boss/friend.

Alison, you have been amazing to work with. Thank you so much for showing me the ropes around here.  I think the e-Edge has never looked so good. P.S. You were right, the mango/avocado salad is delicious, and I will be sure to save some for my fiancé.

Will, you have the coolest full name of anyone I know. I had a great time playing soccer with you! (I will not mention our win/loss ratio) Thanks for answering my hundreds of questions.

Jovan, you win the coolest car in the office award. I will miss working with you. I am also so happy we got to work Alumni Awards together. My best thoughts/prayers for you man.

Lisa, Patti, Jessica, and Ann, you are all awesome, the alumni are in excellent hands! I look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events.

It is approaching 5:00 p.m., and I have goodbyes to say. EMU Young Alumni, you have been a joy to work with. Now that I am one of you, we will have to hang out some time.

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Paul Martell

Alumni Programs Intern

Eastern Michigan University

– 2013 Graduate


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Hello Young, Eastern Alumni!

As the new Alumni Relations intern here at EMU’s Alumni Association, I wanted to take some time to get to know each other. I suppose we can start with me.

My name is Paul Martell, and I am a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Management, and a current member of PRSSA. I have been at this wonderful University of ours for 2 years, and hope to walk in April’s graduation commencement. I am sincerely excited to be a part of the Alumni Association team, and I am looking forward to communicating with all of you, and getting to know you a little better. After all, if everything goes according to my plan, I will be one of you (an Alumnus) by this summer. I keep pretty busy with classwork, but when I do get free time, I am all about soccer, running, and just about anything that gets me outside.

When I came to EMU, I was unsure about my major, and intimidated by my first University experience. However, after two years filled with wonderful professors, many hours of class in Pray-Harrold, and genuine friendships I think I get it. EMU is a place to figure out who you are, and how to use that knowledge to find your career. So when I really think about it, I am excited about EMU for the same reasons I am excited about my future in Public Relations. They both rely on 2 foundational principles: integrity and relationships.

This semester is going to be an exciting one, and we have some great events coming up. Do not forget to like the Young Alumni Facebook Page and follow the Alumni Twitter for updates on events and to join the conversation. I will keep you guys updated here on the blog weekly, and I am already working on some cool stories I know you will enjoy.

So what about you? Is there anything this new intern needs to hear from the Young Alumni? Are there any topics you would like to read more about, or are interested in? Please feel free to share.

Well, that is all for now. I look forward to meeting you in person this semester at our events, until then, we can always talk here.

–          Paul Martell


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