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I’m Jessica Walton and I am currently a senior at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.  I am currently the Public Relations Intern at the Eastern Michigan University’s Office for Alumni Relations. I am also the very first GOLD Mine blogger. GOLD Mine was created to give a voice to alumni who are Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD). Through GOLD Mine I will engage in conversations with alumni and discuss who they are, what they do, how they got there, tricks of the trade, and how EMU impacted their lives. The goal of the blog is to provide updates and build connections between alumni. It is also a force to give insight and spark inspiration for current EMU students embarking on their own educational and life journey.  It is my job to be the driving force that brings all these worlds together; asking what you and I want to hear and what alumni want to share. Read, learn, enjoy and share all that that you can from GOLD Mine, I know I will. Hopefully one day your story can be a feature.


Jessica the Intern


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I have been amazed by the breadth of topics and insightful ideas found on blogs written by graduates of the last decade. The first I would like to showcase is a blog written by a personal trainer, Roger Lawson, BS ’09. Roger graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature.

Check it out at: http://www.roglawfitness.com/

In his blog, Roger presents “the helpful musings of a personal trainer” – insights into health and fitness – with a twist of humor.

Visit Roger’s blog and support him in his efforts. And, if you write a blog or know someone who does… pass it along.


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I’m working on compiling a list of EMU Graduates of the Last Decade who maintain blogs – to create a short directory of these efforts. We have alot of experts, thinkers, and just plain interesting people sharing their insights on the web and we want to make sure to showcase them.

Comment and post a link to your blog…



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It’s a short, brief thank you – but the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) and the Office for Alumni Relations’ student employees are a huge help at Alumni Awards. This video introduces you to a few of them…

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An Introduction…

Dan & members of SOAR (Student Organization for Alumni Relations) at Commencement 2010

About two months and 15 days ago, I started in the position of Assistant Director of Constituent Relations in the Office for Alumni Relations. This is a rather jazzy title and it typically garners an “o, wow” and then a “what the heck does that mean?” Well, I boil it down to connecting with people – but not just any people.  I am charged with continuing Eastern Michigan University’s relationship with 40,000 Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD). When you look at it that way, it becomes extremely daunting. But, daunting or not, I can honestly say it is an honor. As a 2007 graduate of EMU, I feel an affinity for this group and for this university. Channeling this personal connection, I hope all of the efforts made by the Office for Alumni Relations to connect with graduates via this blog, Facebook, YouTube, etc do a few things:

1) Give a voice to GOLD alumni – Who are they? What do they do? Where are they now? How are they changing the world? And, what is EMU’s role in their lives?

2) Build a network of individuals that will support one another – because our common EMU experiences are powerful ones.


3) Inform GOLD alumni about ways to be involved with EMU – there are hundreds of way to stay involved and contribute to the University while developing yourself personally and professionally.

Just a few thoughts – there is so much more to come! If you want to share your story or find a way to be involved contact me at the information below.


Dan Mathis


Twitter: danoran22

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I was able to experience my first-ever Alumni Awards at EMU on Saturday. I’ll admit – I knew little about the event prior to working in the Office for Alumni Relations. However, after experiencing it, I can say that it is a great showcase of how an EMU education can position a person for future success. The pride of the previous Alumni Award winners was especially striking – and I was able to capture a little bit of it with my Flip Video camera. Enjoy!  — Dan

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Campus Visit Poll

Since you graduated, how many times have you returned to campus?

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