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Homecoming is one of the busiest times here at EMU, and the Office for Alumni Relations wants to make sure that EMU students and alumni are informed on the 2012 homecoming events. The details on the homecoming events are on the website at http://www.emich.edu/homecoming.  Eastern Michigan University Alumni on Pinterest will be posting fliers for future events as well.  That way you can pin to remind yourself of EMUs’  favorite events! http://pinterest.com/EMUAlumni/

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 2010 graduate, Chris Puzzuoli shares studying abroad advice with our readers.

We all know that going above and beyond is how you become successful in life and it’s also helpful in setting yourself apart from the competition.  Chris Puzzuoli, a 2010 Eastern Michigan University graduate recognized that, and he wanted to set himself apart and grow personally and professionally. It was obvious that attending class was extremely helpful and a great learning experience.  It allowed him to understand the foundation of his studies. Chris graduated in 2009 with a bachelor degree in Arts and the German language and later graduated in 2010 with a second degree in Business Administration.  

From September 2007 to July 2008, Chris ventured overseas to Germany.  He took a risk and tried something that most people do not seriously consider; he looked at this experience as a way to expand his knowledge on the German language and culture. This experience forced Chris to fully commit, and to adapt to changes, which in the long run paid off.  With that risk Chris took, he set himself apart from the competition and proved to himself and employers that he can adapt within a business. 

When asking Chris what’s the best piece of advice he could provide to students or recent graduates he said, “Make the commitment now to transform yourself into someone better. Do not do it just to make a ton of money or to have a big house and fancy clothes; do it because it is challenging, demanding, exhausting and, above all, rewarding. And if all goes well, you will probably end up with a ton of money, a big house and fancy clothes anyway. And nothing is wrong with that!”

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Meet 2011 EMU graduate, Jakob. We went to photography school together, and I am so happy to see how successful he has become. Don’t forget to check out his website and blog at http://www.jakobskogheim.com/ 

Tell me a little about your history at EMU- degree, graduating class, groups/associations?

I transferred to Eastern in fall 2009 with an AAS in photography from Washtenaw Community College. I continued to study art at EMU while also working to complete a BBA in marketing. I graduated with my BBA in spring 2011, two years and many, many classes later.

Did any professors that made a difference in your career path?

I’ve always had a strong sense of where I’d like my career to go. Because of this I can’t say any one professor made a difference in my career path.

What is your current position? I am currently the owner and operator of Jakob Skogheim Photography. I am a professional photographer specializing in portraiture for advertising, commercial, and editorial markets.

Please share a summary of your position?

I am an artist. However, I not only make art, I run a business. I handle pretty much everything from marketing myself to performing work for clients to accounting. I contract out work to other professionals whenever possible, which also means I’m in charge of HR! I photograph people for numerous clients as well as anyone who calls needing portraiture.

What are some proud accomplishments?

I’m most proud of how many of my clients have told me they love working with me. And more often than not it’s not only because of the quality of photography I produce, but the customer service that I provide. I always do my best to engage and interact with my clients and make the work process as simple and enjoyable as possible. I often find the most exciting part of my job is the people I meet and interact with.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself continuing to grow. I also see myself doing something very similar to what I do today, but with more focus on photography and interacting with people.

Share three career –related lessons you’ve learned at EMU?

Always network, any chance you have to meet new people or strengthen existing relationships can only further your career. Be persistent in your marketing efforts and consistent in your communications.  Don’t let your team members or others you work with hold you back, do the best work you possibly can at all times.

Any challenges you’re currently facing?

Honestly right now, staying inside working when the weather has been so awesome! I really can’t complain about too much.

How have you adjusted from college life to the professional world? Or how do you think you will handle the transition?

 I’ve been a working professional since high school and continued while in college so the major adjustment has been an abundance of time which I am continually trying to fill with work and professional development.

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