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Alumni Relations Intern, Taylor Maguire discusses the loyalty EMU graduates have for their mascot.

In my time here at the Office for Alumni Relations, I have learned a lot about my field and have gained some wonderful “real life” experiences. But one thing I cannot ignore before leaving my internship is the loyalty of alumni to their mascot. Of course before I started at the Office for Alumni Relations, I knew our past mascot was the Huron, but I never realized how important that mascot is to our alums. On the weekends my co-workers and I work the EMU tailgates. At these tailgates I have witnessed the devotion to the Eagle mascot and the Huron mascot. I graduate in December and all I can say when I leave I am an Eagle, but more than that I am the TRUEMU. I respect and appreciate the Huron mascot, but why so much segregation and hostility? I think we should embrace the history of our university be proud of the mascot that you had of your time here at EMU, but respect the past and the present. We have gone from the Normallite, Huron, Emu, and now to the Eagle. With all of these different mascots, I think it is safe to say we are all proud Eastern Michigan University graduates and it is all incorporated within the Block E.


~Taylor Maguire

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To say the least, this year’s Alumni Happy Hour event was a success. We had the best turnout thus far and everyone enjoyed themselves. I mean how could you not? Pizza, sandwiches, salad, and last but not least, micro brewed beer from the one and only Corner Brewery. We had a great turnout of 60 alumni; some were just recent graduates of 2012 and others were graduates from 1975. We had alums from all around, including Greeks, professors, communication professionals, and EMU’s Young Alumni Professional Profile guest bloggers, Celia Nip and Aaron Harburg.  I personally found it to be a great place to network, relax and have just a good time. When entering the Corner Brewery, each guest had to leave a business card in the basket; this basket was a drawing for free EMU alumni T-shirts or sweatshirts. It was refreshing to see how many proud EMU alumni we have and honestly, how friendly they all ended up being. Everyone wants to mingle, network, and just get to reminisce about their times at EMU.

Taylor Maguire

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