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Hello alumni! I want to offer a follow-up to my GOLD Mine profile of Aurora Harris. Her blog is an interesting extension of her profile. I was intrigued by the variety of topics discussed on her blog from the perspective of a poet, activist and EMU scholar. Harris is received her MA in Social Foundations of Education, with a concentration in Cultural Studies, from EMU in 2009.

Check out Harris’ blog at: http://auroraharris.blogspot.com/

“My blog is both personal and educational for educators and students and illustrates history, culture, identity, issues with race, gender, etc.” says Harris. The depth of this blog is extremely intriguing and features diverse ideas. Man, graduates of the last decade sure know how to write a good blog.

If you missed her profile, written by yours truly, check it out here: https://emuyoungalumni.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/140/.

Remember, if you write a blog or if you know someone who does tell them we are here to spread the word.


Jessica the Intern


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Dara Walker (BS09) discusses her transition from EMU to Syracuse University. She emphasizes the importance of becoming a purpose-oriented scholar.

Prior to graduating from Eastern in 2009 with a B.S. in African-American Studies, I was not sure if my experiences had prepared me to successfully complete my first year of Syracuse University’s Pan-African Studies (PAS) Master’s program. During my four-year tenure at EMU, I found a strong community of scholars, activists, and friends in the Department of African-American Studies, the Center for Multicultural Affairs, the Honors College, the EMU Black Alumni Association, the McNair Scholars Program, Phi Sigma Pi, and the Bruce T. Halle Library. They (EMU) provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in my community as a scholar and leader.

Dara Walker (BS09)

As an SU graduate student, I have the opportunity to work with communities beyond the university walls to creatively merge scholarship and activism. From organizing campus and community events for Harriet Washington, the author of Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present to conducting independent research that explores the pedagogical value of Hip Hop in secondary education, I have the chance to explore the importance of purpose-driven research beyond theory.

Now, I have reached the stage of my program where the master’s thesis is my central academic priority. Through oral history interviews, my thesis research will explore the personal and political experiences of individuals who were Detroit high school student activists during the Black Power Movement; particularly how their work strengthened and emboldened the Black Power Movement’s goals for quality education through student activism within school walls. With the research funding provided by Syracuse University and Wayne State University’s Walter P. Reuther Library, I have the opportunity to conduct field research for this work.

Written by: Dara Walker

If you would like to be a guest blogger, contact Dan at dmathis@emich.edu – Share your story!

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Be on the ground floor of the GOLD Council...

Hope you have enjoyed reading the stories of GOLD alumni. This blog is a small portion of the evolving GOLD program and I want to offer a preview of a new opportunity to be an involved EMU alumnus.

Beginning in the fall, the GOLD Council, a selective group of recent graduates who support the Office for Alumni Relations, will begin developing and implementing recent graduate programming (defined broadly). The GOLD Council utilizes the principle “choose your level of involvement” – as it will seldom involve regularly scheduled meetings. It is designed to develop a recent alumni community through involvement that fits their schedule.

Centered on the concept of “action-projects,” the organization will set its own agenda while considering the values of Eastern Michigan University and the needs of Graduates of the Last Decade.

Look out for GOLD Council applications in August! In the mean time, if you would like to learn more send me an e-mail: dmathis@emich.edu.

This is simply a preview of one of the opportunities to serve EMU that will appear in the next few months. Expect developing programs for families and graduate students, as well as more integrated social media outreach.

Thanks for reading and supporting EMU!


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No, it’s not a wedding – It’s a GOLD Tailgate – an event designed especially to celebrate graduates of the last ten years. More details to come!


September 18, 2010

Rynearson Stadium

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Nicole Collier BS' 07

Nicole Collier graduated from EMU in 2007 with a BS in Electronic Media and Film Studies and a second BS in Comprehensive Communication and Theatre Arts.  The Lansing, MI native came to EMU because it was close enough to home that she could go back at any time yet just far enough away where she could have her own life. “I wanted a place that I would be able to find out who I was on my own.”

Right now Collier is a Morning Reporter on Six News this Morning on WLNS-TV, which is the CBS affiliate channel in Lansing, MI.  Breaking into the television news field is a very daunting task that requires a lot of hard work “I invested in myself. I studied, I immersed myself in my program at school, I did internships, obviously I earned a degree, and I took an extreme vested interest in myself and making sure that I stayed motivated to keep trying until I landed a job in news,” Collier stated.

Before she was approved to be a daily reporter from the WLNS news director, Collier was a WLNS morning show writer and editor.  “I worked the graveyard shift 2 am-8am,” she said, “and I did this for months and months without ever setting foot on air.”

Though Collier originally came to EMU with hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher, her mind was changed after her Intro to Telecommunications class. “EMU helped me find and cultivate my love for television news and broadcast,” Collier said, “The CTA Department is extremely talented and helpful.”

During her time at EMU, Collier encountered many professors, but her favorite was definitely Dr. Geoff Hammill.  Collier appreciated the fact that he was constantly pushing her to be a better student and journalist overall. “He is an excellent teacher. He made me think and he always kept me engaged in class,” She said, “He saw something in me that actually helped me make the decision to really pursue news.”   Dr. Hammill personal mentor to Collier and they are still in contact. “I just can’t say enough good things about him,” she said.

Reflecting on her favorite class was more difficult to Collier than naming her favorite professor. “That’s a hard one,” she said “Especially because all the classes related to my major I loved!”  Collier eventually decided her favorite courses were Theory and Criticism of Television and Acting for Television and Film. “Theory and Criticism because we learned so much about television and why things that we see on TV are the way they are.” said Collier, “Everything is there for a reason.”   In the Acting for Television and Film course Collier felt like she was in her zone.  “You have the chance to be someone else.” she said, “You were able to test your depth as a person and see what you could make yourself or others believe. It was just fun.”

EMU also provided Collier with the opportunity to be involved with E-TV as the anchor for E News Weekly for two years. “Being involved with that gave me a small taste of what it would be like, and gave me the opportunity to meet some awesome friends and contacts that I have been able to call on since entering the business,” she said.

As an alumni Collier has an interest in making sure she is informed about the progress EMU is making.  She has a special interest in the CTA department.  “My life would be so different had I not been blessed with the opportunity to be involved in that program. I would love to help out and give back in any way that I could,” said Collier.  One way Collier is reaching out is by giving current students advice. Check out the video below that features Collier’s encouraging words, recorded exclusively for us from the WLNS News 6 Studio.

You can also check out Collier in action below. Visit her YouTube channel  at http://www.youtube.com/user/ncollier3285 for even more videos.

-Written by Jessica the Intern

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Hello Alumni,

On June 17, 2010, EMU hosted a Jamaican style “Lunch by the Lake” at the Student Center. For $3 you can choose lunch options including Jamaican jerk, plain chicken or vegetarian tofu patties, with a tropical tossed salad, rice with red beans, cookies and drink. So I decided to go and give you guys an inside look while putting our new Flip Video camera to work and enjoying some great food. Check out the video I made below…

Yours Truly,
Jessica the Intern

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The continuing search for alumni blogs led us to Cathy Walker, who received her BS ’00 in Elementary Education- Social Studies from EMU. Cathy, who is currently a North Carolina elementary teacher, has both a website and blog to provide information that would benefit teachers and share advice.

Her website gives a tour and outline of how she runs her class, a schedule of events, curriculum and tools for teachers. The blog focuses more on scholastic reading and literature. On the blog, Cathy gives elaborate reviews of books geared toward elementary readers.

Both of these sites are important particularly for EMU students because one our biggest departments on campus is the Department of Teacher Education. EMU fast facts states “One out of every four teachers in Michigan has at least one degree from EMU; nationally, 1 percent of the national educational workforce has a degree from EMU, which was a charter member of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.”

So alumni connect, support and learn all you can from Cathy Walker by visiting her website : www.steveandcat.net/mrswalker and blog: http://mrswalkersfrog-tasticblog.blogspot.com/.

Thanks in advance,
Jessica The Intern

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